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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Vixx "Voodoo Doll" Audio Review

Currently, I'm in a car on the way back from Lexington, KY so I thought what better time to review some Kpop. Vixx has just realsed volume 1 of tier new album, or first I should say. I've already seen the mv and heard the song several times so hopefully I'll be able to break down the audio. 

As the song starts out you hear Ravi spitting out some voodoo shit, hence the name of the song being "Voodoo Doll." Then all of sudden you hear Ken's very powerful voice which surprises me. I would have thought N or Hong Bon would have started singing first. Hong Bin's voice has defiantly been hanged to a more rugged screaming tone to match the song. Hyuk gets a quick line or two in the dirt verse and it sounds pretty standard. N leads into the first breakdown which sounds good as usual. The breakdown is Ken which is frwkaing awesome! It is a very powerful lead into the chorus with, of course, leader Leo leading us off.

The chorus for this song sounds very similar to Hyde and On and On in my opinion, but on the bright side I like it better. Also, all three songs have very similar themes. N seems to get a lot more lines in this song which is good because he has a very interesting voice that matches up perfectly with this songs horror feel. 

Ken starts off the second verse and the song you can has just been put together very well. Leo, Hong Bin, and N all contribute in the second verse as well so the separation of the song when it comes to singing parts is split up well. Ravi eventually comes in and does his usually 5-10 second rap. Never impressed me but hey it works for this particular group.

The song has some powerful moments but is not as good as an audio compared to watching the mv. For example I'd much rather listen to Beast's Fiction than watch the mv because it's just not that great in my opinion. Voodoo Doll is a solid release for Vixx and I know they are all about their horror or scary genre right now but I want them to go back to a theme similar to Super Hero. In my opinion it's more of a fun and catchier concept. 

7/10 audio
8/10 mv 

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