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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Vixx "Voodoo Doll" Audio Review

Currently, I'm in a car on the way back from Lexington, KY so I thought what better time to review some Kpop. Vixx has just realsed volume 1 of tier new album, or first I should say. I've already seen the mv and heard the song several times so hopefully I'll be able to break down the audio. 

As the song starts out you hear Ravi spitting out some voodoo shit, hence the name of the song being "Voodoo Doll." Then all of sudden you hear Ken's very powerful voice which surprises me. I would have thought N or Hong Bon would have started singing first. Hong Bin's voice has defiantly been hanged to a more rugged screaming tone to match the song. Hyuk gets a quick line or two in the dirt verse and it sounds pretty standard. N leads into the first breakdown which sounds good as usual. The breakdown is Ken which is frwkaing awesome! It is a very powerful lead into the chorus with, of course, leader Leo leading us off.

The chorus for this song sounds very similar to Hyde and On and On in my opinion, but on the bright side I like it better. Also, all three songs have very similar themes. N seems to get a lot more lines in this song which is good because he has a very interesting voice that matches up perfectly with this songs horror feel. 

Ken starts off the second verse and the song you can has just been put together very well. Leo, Hong Bin, and N all contribute in the second verse as well so the separation of the song when it comes to singing parts is split up well. Ravi eventually comes in and does his usually 5-10 second rap. Never impressed me but hey it works for this particular group.

The song has some powerful moments but is not as good as an audio compared to watching the mv. For example I'd much rather listen to Beast's Fiction than watch the mv because it's just not that great in my opinion. Voodoo Doll is a solid release for Vixx and I know they are all about their horror or scary genre right now but I want them to go back to a theme similar to Super Hero. In my opinion it's more of a fun and catchier concept. 

7/10 audio
8/10 mv 

Friday, November 8, 2013

MR.MR. "Do You Feel Me" MV Review

Jin, Changjae, Tei, Doyeon, Ryu, and their newest member Hon are back for their comeback, which is unfortunately just a single.  I never really noticed who Mr.Mr was until I saw their mv for Highway.  Instantly I knew these guys were just different than you're average kpop boy band.  Highway just had that dark, raw, yet sincere feel to it that drew me in.  Who's that Girl is a solid song but very generic and not something that will catch a lot of peoples eye.  Waiting for You was a decent song but it should have just been Tey's solo song because the other members barely had a turn to even sing or get camera time.

The song starts our with a very easy feeling beat of R&B sound that makes you think, "Damn this is a chill beat."  This is actually my favorite kind of music to listen to just because it's not too loud, easy to sing along with, and great to drive to.  I notice right away that Tey is singing the first verse and I'm thinking he better not sing the whole damn song.  I mean Tey is honestly my bias in the group but Jin and Ryu are very talented.  Surprisingly enough Jin comes up next with a very high pitched second part of the verse and I was thoroughly impressed.  The transition seems very western influenced and honestly makes me think of Jay Sean's high pitch tone.  The chorus starts and its just very catchy and soft on the ears.  There isn't too much but enough to make me want to hear it two or three more times in the same song.  Ryu seems to have his very high pitch or random parts in the song and finally gets to sing the second chorus which is just wonderful.

The MV's setting is very conservative along with their outfits, which fit perfectly with the song.  After watching the MV twice I still can't find a part where Doyeon or Changjae actually have their own part and that really bums me out.  Why are they even in the band if they don't even get to say one word except the background singing?!  The overall MV is very simple but does justice and gets it's point across.

I don't understand the adding of Hon when they never even use Doyeon or Changjae at all.  I mean Hon's rap or talking part wasn't too bad, but I liked this group because of them not having a rapper.  Honestly, I'd be completley content if Mr.Mr was a 3 member group of just Jin, Tey, and Ryu.  I still enjoy their music, performances, and MV's so still in my top 10 kpop groups.  

MV: 7/10

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I'm back! maybe....

I haven't logged in or even looked at this blog in yearsssssss.  So it's about time I get back into blogging so I can share my nerdyness with the world and not by via twitter or facebook.  The only reason I'd rather not post too much of my hobbies on there is cuz lets face it guys sometimes it freaks out the ladies lol.  Over the last couple of years I have been attending college and got mad busy, like to where I walked away from my hardcore anime, tokutaku, and drama watching.  I have now realized that's who I am and its awesome being a nerd.

First, lets just go into what I'm watching now.  In the tokusatsu world I'm only watching Kamen Rider Gaim and it reminds me a lot of OOO's.  It's like that Kamen Rider show that is just trying to be that much different.  Valvrave is my main focus in the anime world.  I mean Magi is okay but I just haven't gotten back into it after the first season.  I tried Strike the Blood but it didn't peak my interests and BlazBlue well I'm sorry that was just a giant shit show.  

The fact that valvrave surprises me every episode makes me wanting more and more each week and fact that I have to wait 7 days for a new episode kills me man.  Vampires, giant fucking robots, and awesome characters what more do you need in a show.  Also, the concept of the mecha feed off memories and peoples lives.....like wow that's awesome.  

Anyway, I'm going to try and post some more on here so feel free to comment however you would like.  In the mean time enjoy this badass picture from valvrave.