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Friday, November 8, 2013

MR.MR. "Do You Feel Me" MV Review

Jin, Changjae, Tei, Doyeon, Ryu, and their newest member Hon are back for their comeback, which is unfortunately just a single.  I never really noticed who Mr.Mr was until I saw their mv for Highway.  Instantly I knew these guys were just different than you're average kpop boy band.  Highway just had that dark, raw, yet sincere feel to it that drew me in.  Who's that Girl is a solid song but very generic and not something that will catch a lot of peoples eye.  Waiting for You was a decent song but it should have just been Tey's solo song because the other members barely had a turn to even sing or get camera time.

The song starts our with a very easy feeling beat of R&B sound that makes you think, "Damn this is a chill beat."  This is actually my favorite kind of music to listen to just because it's not too loud, easy to sing along with, and great to drive to.  I notice right away that Tey is singing the first verse and I'm thinking he better not sing the whole damn song.  I mean Tey is honestly my bias in the group but Jin and Ryu are very talented.  Surprisingly enough Jin comes up next with a very high pitched second part of the verse and I was thoroughly impressed.  The transition seems very western influenced and honestly makes me think of Jay Sean's high pitch tone.  The chorus starts and its just very catchy and soft on the ears.  There isn't too much but enough to make me want to hear it two or three more times in the same song.  Ryu seems to have his very high pitch or random parts in the song and finally gets to sing the second chorus which is just wonderful.

The MV's setting is very conservative along with their outfits, which fit perfectly with the song.  After watching the MV twice I still can't find a part where Doyeon or Changjae actually have their own part and that really bums me out.  Why are they even in the band if they don't even get to say one word except the background singing?!  The overall MV is very simple but does justice and gets it's point across.

I don't understand the adding of Hon when they never even use Doyeon or Changjae at all.  I mean Hon's rap or talking part wasn't too bad, but I liked this group because of them not having a rapper.  Honestly, I'd be completley content if Mr.Mr was a 3 member group of just Jin, Tey, and Ryu.  I still enjoy their music, performances, and MV's so still in my top 10 kpop groups.  

MV: 7/10

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